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Organic food continues at Pepper Place

Thanks to one of our readers for the heads up. Anyone interested in organic and locally raised meat and produce will be happy to know that Owls Hollow Farm will continue at Pepper Place in the parking lot through the winter – if they have enough participation to make it worth the drive. They’ll have hydroponic lettuces and other vegetables, and will also have local organic pork every other week (and soon, grass fed beef!). They’re asking people interested to sign up for their mailing list on the site and to fill out the account info.

They’re hopefully going to be able to have great stuff through the winter! After the jump, find the info about this weekend’s options (via email):

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Leprechaun watch is in effect

We were hoping that our readers would be kind enough to check their local Bennigan’s or Steak & Ale location on their way home. If they were planning to meet up with friends after work, they may want to set up a back up plan as the restaurant chains’ parent company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy earlier today.

While all locations are not supposed to be affected by the change, there’s no real way to check in with the company since both websites have been slammed for the better part of the afternoon. Bennigan’s MySpace profile on the other hand is taking traffic quite well.

So, just let us know… thanks 🙂

Parkside’s closing

The signs on the window, Parkside's closing. acnatta/Flickr


We figured it was our duty to share news of a great sale, though the reason for it is a sad one. Parkside Home & Garden, operating across the street from Avondale Park since 2000, has decided to close its doors. The building is currently available for sale or lease. Based on the sign that was up in the front door window this week all items are 60% off. We’re thinking that you need to head on over there. Or at least think about checking out the store in Mobile if you start to get sentimental (it opened back in April)…

Turns out the magic number is four

That’s how many Starbucks Coffee locations are actually closing in metro Birmingham. Besides the two locations that have been reported about earlier in local media, we’re also losing locations on Rocky Ridge Road and one on Parkway East. These would be four of the newer locations in town. The one that recently opened in Hoover on Hwy. 31 is safe (compared to the five locations closing in Mobile).

Here’s the list of all of the U.S. locations slated for closure. (Thanks Kara).

New Vulcan’s moving along

New Vulcan Ale House in progress

Special to The Terminal.

Exterior and interior demolition work has finally started recently (and quickly) on what will be the New Vulcan Ale House. Birmingham’s newest brew pub will occupy the former home for the Jimmie Hale Mission across from the main branch of the U.S. Post Office at 3rd Avenue & 24th Street North downtown.

Those that would like to find out a little more about the concept, look no further than this post made to Bhamdining.com back in late October or this story filed for the Birmingham News earlier that week.

Thanks to Jarrod for the tip.

Facebook watch: Let’s get This American Lifed

We’ve been noticing the increasing number of groups being created in Facebook (and frankly a lot more traffic there too). We thought it would be a good idea to start taking a look at some of the local groups that are popping up on Facebook.

This first one is tied to a national phenomenon, or at least to one that will be. Chicago Public Radio’s This American Life is preparing to produce a stage show and broadcast it live, via satellite, to theaters across the country. There’s more information about the event available from the show’s website. So why not create a group on Facebook that encourages folks to take the survey and make sure that people know we want to have a local theater involved?

Well, the votes have been counted and it looks like we were able to get some since the Regal Cinemas 16 in Trussville will one of the more than 300 theaters nationwide participating on May 1 at 7 p.m. CDT. Tickets go on sale TODAY online.