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Online survey underway as part of development of citywide housing plan

BirminghamHousingSurveyfrontpageA link to an online survey about housing options in Birmingham’s neighborhoods is beginning to be more widely circulated. It is being conducted by GCR, Incorporated, a consulting firm based in New Orleans, LA, as part of a study being used to develop a housing plan for the city. The one year contract (not to exceed $95,139) was first approved by the City Council in June (summary item 2), with the legislative body recently receiving an update during a regularly scheduled meeting.

As reported by Fox 6/WBRC’s Alan Collins, councilors did raise concerns at that time about wanting to make sure all residents interested in participating were able to do so. They were particularly concerned about those citizens without online access. The survey is web-based, takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, and is built to be accessible by smartphone as well (the portion of a screenshot from a mobile device accompanies this post).

UPDATE: 4:05 p.m. – We’ve learned physical copies of the survey are available via the city’s community development office (as it is that office working with the consultant) and not the economic development office as mentioned in the report.

The final report, focused on establishing a policy leveraging tools already available to the city, is scheduled to be delivered to the city in December. It, like the recently established Land Bank Authority, was outlined as a necessary next step by the city’s comprehensive plan process, possibly proving helpful as efforts to establish framework plans continue to move forward.

It will also be interesting to watch as the plan is unveiled how it tackles vacant property, affordability, and homelessness, particularly as other cities currently contemplating implementation of housing plans (such as New York and Seattle) move forward as well.

Random Shots: Federal Reserve renovations continue

FedX - Bob Farley/f8Photo

Bob Farley/f8Photo

Renovations and continue on the old Federal Reserve Building at the corner of 5th Avenue and 18th Street North by Melaver, Inc. of Savannah, GA. According to the developer’s, website,

“…the Federal Reserve Building’s historic façade will be restored, and Melaver has committed to seeking LEED-NC Silver certification, assuring tenants of the most modern, efficient, technologically advanced and productive workspace available in the Birmingham MSA.”

The building will house a hotel, restaurant, convention, retail and office space.

The best super value meal ever…

That’s got to be what Birmingham resident Jeff Dubuisson, a Compass Bank customer, is thinking right now. He has won $1 million in the Visa™ Your Life, More Wonderful sweepstakes for using his Visa check card to purchase $5.98 in food at a local Wendy’s restaurant. He will now receive $50,000 each December for the next 20 years.

Compass Bank and Visa Inc. will present Dubuisson with his prize during halftime at the University of Alabama at Birmingham vs. University of Houston basketball game at the Bartow Arena on Feb. 20.