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The Radio Carousel: Rock 99.5 is no more; enter The Vibe

995 vibe splash imageLong time listeners to Rock 99.5, a.k.a. WZRR-FM, recently learned their classic rock station was changing formats to CHR. The folks at Radio Insight first reported the change late last week after they noticed the site was down. As they point out via their format change watch list, it’s part of an annual trend – one that’s shows there’s not necessarily any set formula either.

There are folks online attempting to organize an Occupy 99.5 the VIBE fan page on Facebook, though the Bring the Rock back to Rock 99.5 fan page also exists. The pages have 115 fans and 201 fans respectively as of 8:15 AM Thursday morning (January 5). There’s also an interesting video on YouTube posted by BababoeyBHM – who incidentally just joined the video-sharing service the same day the piece was posted.

According to comments on both pages, comments being left on the VIBE’s page not supporting the format change are being deleted almost as soon as the entry is made.

This is the station’s fourth format change overall since its launch in 1977.

Farewell The Vulcan, 105.5 FM goes “legacy”

1055-logoThis morning folks expecting to hear Lex & Terry as they were getting ready for work on 105.5 The Vulcan were surprised to instead be listening to the Steve and Leah Morning Show being simulcast from WERC 960 AM.

The change is not a temporary one as the station’s owner, ClearChannel Communications, posted this press release on the new website for 105.5 FM this morning. This marks the most recent change in the history of the frequency. It had most recently been a gospel station, consistently ranking as one of the top 10 stations in the market for almost three years until its format was changed in December 2006.