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Good news, Birmingham

If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out national traditional media outlets in recent weeks, you’ve missed several chances to watch or listen to some pieces looking at some of the great things taking place in Birmingham, AL.

A couple of weeks ago, Deontée Gordon, senior account executive for Infomedia, showed folks from CNN three of his favorite places as part of the network’s “My City, My Secret” series (that’s the video clip available to your left).

This weekend, people probably experienced another “driveway moment” as NPR’s State of the Re:Union played excerpts of their recent visit to Alabama’s Magic City as part of an upcoming episode during both episodes of Weekend Edition. The segments took a closer look at Red Mountain Park, soon to be one of the region’s largest parks, and at the good work being done by our friends at Scrollworks.

Incidentally the episode highlighting Birmingham, AL is one of five being prepared for the 2011 Spring season and currently previewed on their website. Videos of the segments shared this weekend have also been posted on the site.

Talk about a local hero

For those of us that don’t normally check CNN as much as we used to, thanks to Melanie for reminding us as we prepare to stand in long lines to watch one superhero’s return to the big screen that some of the best heroes in our community are right under our nose. Check out this video over on CNN.com about Kid One Transport founder Russell Jackson, nominated to be one of their CNN Heroes (it was first posted on July 10).