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No free cones this year in Birmingham

Free Cone Day banner - Ben & Jerry's official websiteMetro Birmingham residents were looking forward to their annual trek into one of the two area Ben & Jerry’s ice cream locations for their free cones. Unfortunately, it will be regular price for ice cream cones while other stores across the country take part in the annual Free Cone Day activities…

…that is, unless you feel like making the drive up to Huntsville for it. If there’s a bright side, it’s that it will be a little cooler tomorrow anyway. Of course, as suggested on Twitter, maybe another local provider of ice cream will be willing to step in.

You did know it was Free Cone Day, right?

Free Cone Day imageSo you’ve just finished seeing the unveiling of a 9′ tall Blaze the Dragon (if you haven’t, we think we’ll have photos shortly) and you’re feeling like an ice cream cone. Yes, we know it’s in the high 50s but it is springtime…

and since we’ve been on this food kick since yesterday, we figured you needed to be reminded that today is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry‘s locations across the country, including our three area locations.