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#piecampbhm – why?

03.10.2011 by André Natta · → 2 Comments

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Pi pieEvery year I hope to attend SXSW Interactive. Among other things, it’s the largest gathering of community news site publishers in the country. I never do, though my reason is a lot more understandable than most – especially this year. The Terminal’s anniversary date normally falls during the Austin event, on Pi Day no less.

Last night, a simple public conversation on Twitter about celebrating The Terminal’s fourth anniversary with pie became something with the potential to get larger.

It’s becoming the first ever PieCamp Birmingham.

Ted’s Restaurant on Southside has agreed to open their doors to us on Monday evening (3.14) and give us a chance to share our favorite pies with each other. We’re asking that you bring a pie if you can (or maybe even some milk).

Registration for Monday’s event is now open. It’s free and, of course, space is limited.

I’m grateful for the interest in pulling off an event like this at the last minute. I’m also grateful for Daniel Walters for his wanting to take the ball and run with it.

I do need to explain a few things though before this gets too crazy.

It isn’t the first time I’ve ever thought that pulling something off like this was possible. Whether it’s CupcakeCamp in San Francisco, PieLab in Greensboro, AL or Birmingham’s own Kitchen Table, the idea of gathering to share food and conversation seems to be a good idea. Our own Terminally Happy Hours – returning in April BTW – also hoped to just bring folks together.

It’s a chance to meet folks, catch up with others and maybe share some new ideas (that seems to be extremely popular in Birmingham right now too).

I’d also like to make sure that people can give a piece of the pie to a worthy cause.

It’d be nice to ask for financial support for the website, but there’s a time and place for that; I don’t think this is that kind of situation. Instead, if you can’t bring a pie with you on Monday evening (though I’d love for you to), I’d ask that you consider making a donation to the Birmingham Education Foundation (BEF). BEF grew out of Yes We Can, Birmingham is taking on what I believe to the major issue facing our metro area at this time – education. If you can’t give, I’d at least like to make sure that folks are aware of its existence and efforts.

I do hope that you’ll consider joining us on Monday evening.

Photo: Pi Pie. pauladamsmith/Flickr.

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I'll be there as well Andre! Plus made a contribution to BEF. Figured that'd be much more preferable than me making a pie and seeing folks get carted off to the emergency room later. Gulp!


I'll help eat pie. My donation to BEF will do more good than any pie I could make to bring.