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Exercise that right to vote

10.24.2008 by André Natta · → 1 Comment

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Today is one of the most important days for folks who are interested in seeing change occur. It’s the last day that you’ll be able to register to vote in the upcoming November elections in Alabama. I wanted to take this opportunity to implore you to take the time today to register or to update your voter registration for this upcoming election if you have not already done so.

I’m sitting in a coffeehouse in Denver, CO, preparing to head up to Ft. Collins and Boulder just as the stretch run of our campaign season begins. I can feel the level of excitement that’s existing out here as Election Day approaches, though for many, the change to exercise that right to vote has already been experienced via mail-in ballots. The work that I’m out here doing in Colorado has kept me from digging in and finding out just what that means for the region, but there is an energy that’s palpable in The Mile High City and elsewhere in this country. For that reason, I do hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity to vote on November 4, regardless of party affiliation. You cannot complain about the direction our country will take or the results of the election if you do not exercise that right. People must get out, speak up and make sure that their voice is heard. If you think that your vote doesn’t count, realize that it will send a message to our elected leaders, allowing them to hear loud and clear the wants and needs of their constituents without the need of a filter, no matter what it is.

We’ve purposely not done a great deal of coverage of the national campaign in part because we think that those of you that visit the site on a regular basis have an idea of how those national issues will affect our region. We will also, as is our policy, not endorse a candidate (though I’m sure if you talk to us individually, we’ll be happy to share who and why).

This is a chance to take part in the process, to have your voice heard, to not sit on the sidelines and let others decide for you (and yes, I do realize that we turn over our votes to the Electoral College after the 4th, but I think you get the idea).

Don’t forget to take the opportunity to remind your friends to vote as well, since I know you don’t necessarily want to hear from them either after this is over (if you haven’t already tired of hearing their views during the process). Events like Trick or Vote are necessary as registering only makes you eligible while taking the next step and acting upon that notion is extremely important.

I’ll be back in plenty of time to cast my ballot. I hope to see you sporting that “I Voted” sticker that day. BTW, how about sending in a photo on Election Day of you wearing that sticker (have some fun with it – and hopefully you’ve actually voted too). 5 random submissions will get a white Terminal T.

Exercise that right.

André Natta is the managing editor of The Terminal

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