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07.18.2007 by André Natta · → 4 Comments

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People are waiting for a savior in Birmingham. This savior must be able to pick up every piece of trash off of the streets, keep grass along the streets cut and in pristine condition and be able to renovate every building in town that needs it. They’ve also got to be able to stop the bickering in City Hall. Completely.

People are waiting for someone to lead the city to its position of prominence that many feel it deserves. The people are waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

I learned a quote during my first month of college that remains extremely important to me today:

“Leadership is action, not position.”

I’ve been thinking about this quote recently as things seem to be in flux around me. Part of this upcoming election will determine the type of leader we want. A leader that talks a good game is fine, but the real question should be “What will they be able to deliver?”

That leader must also be able to engage the population in able to deliver. This is whether you’re the leader of our city, a leader in an organization or church or just “someone” that wants to see something happen. While a leader may be able to help cheer the people on and use the bully pulpit, nothing will happen until the people that she or he represents take a larger role in the redevelopment of our city.

At issue is whether or not we are willing to take the action necessary to move our city forward or do we continue to wait for the knight in shining armor.

We as a city cannot continue to wait for it to happen. If it’s going to happen, we need to do it. It’s as simple as picking up a piece of garbage, not throwing a cup out of your window when you’re driving down the street and maybe becoming the real eyes and ears of the city again.

There are times when the village that is supposed to raise a child should be able to raise a phoenix from the ashes of discontent and perpetual promise. It’s time for this village to fully undertake their role.

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