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Election ’07: Speaking of Catalyst…

We’re going to share all of the questions that are submitted to us for our candidates series to Catalyst for consideration to be used during the September 18 mayoral debate they are hosting with the League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham at WorkPlay Theater. If you have not submitted a question us to consider using for our series, click here to submit them.

You may also click here to find out a little more about it. We plan on sharing some more information about our series soon. Stay tuned.

Election 2007: Smitherman’s in!

Smitherman's in!

This is what you’ll see when you pass by Birmingham City Council President Carole Smitherman’s office in the city center this morning.

Election ’07: Abbott signs in transit

Thanks to Curtis, we have this image of Valerie Abbott signs in transit from earlier today:

Abbott signs in transit Continue reading

Election ’07: One announces, another tests the water

William BellThis weekend current Birmingham City Councilor and former interim mayor William Bell announced his plans to run for mayor. The announcement was made in the Sunday edition of The Birmingham News.

We reported earlier this month that a website was “parked” by Bell and that signs had already begun appearing throughout the city. As of 9:15 a.m. this morning, the site was now not available for viewing at all, a sure sign that it will be operational in the coming days after content is added. We will update you when we are aware of its launch. Continue reading

Is Bell running?

Bell for mayor sign

Well, it’s starting to look that way. This was one of several signs located at the intersection of 8th Avenue & Arkadelphia Road earlier this afternoon. Continue reading

Langford to enter mayor’s race

Sounds like we’re going to get our second official candidate for mayor tomorrow afternoon. The Birmingham News reported yesterday that Jefferson County Commissioner Larry Langford intends to announce his candidacy for mayor tomorrow morning during the commission’s weekly meeting. Continue reading

Election season is heating up

NOTE: Follow our election coverage at Election ’07!

A post on the Birmingham News’ breaking news blog this morning have some wondering if County Commissioner Larry Langford is planning a run for the mayor’s office here in town.

It’s already beginning to draw responses from the blogosphere as well. Time will reveal the true identities of those interested in running for office this fall.

The only candidate that has officially announced is Patrick Cooper, though there are reports that Valerie Abbott intends to announce her candidacy soon.