Red Mountain Park opens Kaul Adventure Tower on Saturday

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KaulAdventureTowerviewThis photo is from inside the top of Red Mountain Park‘s newest attraction — the Kaul Adventure Tower — just before a ride down via the Mega Zip. (NOTE: It was the author’s first ever trip on a zip line). The visit on November 4 was in advance of the attraction’s formal opening to the public on Saturday, November 8. The ride down from the top of the 80 foot tower means potentially reaching speeds of 30 miles per hour while gliding down 1,300 feet of cable, then returning 300 feet before being brought in to rest on one of the platforms (there are two lines available for use by visitors at this location). The tower also provides eight lanes of simultaneous climbing up or two options (36′ and 72′) of rappelling down its exterior. Climbers can either use traditional holds, mountain laurel, or easily identifiable (and large) leaves to gain footing or enjoy the view.

The project was funded by the Hugh Kaul Foundation, the organization’s most recent contribution to the newest of the facilities included in the Three Parks Initiative several years ago. The foundation is also the namesake for the park’s Hugh Kaul Beanstalk Forest, a ropes and cable course located a short hike from this new attraction. According to the park’s website, the tower can accommodate as many as 24 people at once. It was designed and constructed by Beanstalk Builders, a company based in Morganton, North Carolina. The company was also responsible for the Beanstalk Forest and the Red Ore Zip Tour.

The opening of the tower for use (and reservations) comes on the heels of the recent dedication of Remy’s Dog Park and additional pending announcements about long-planned improvements. Park visitors will pay $30 for 1 hour of climbing and rappelling on the tower and $20 to experience the Mega Zip. They can also partake in both experiences for $50.

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