Look! Our namesake made a Gizmodo list!

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Birmingham_Terminal_interiorThe namesake of this nearly seven year-old website, Birmingham’s old Terminal Station, stirs up emotions at the mere mention of its name. It’s no surprise to us that Gizmodo would include the building, demolished in 1969 to make way for a proposed Social Security building, in its list of “9 of the Most Beautiful Buildings We Ever Tore Down” posted to their site this morning. They most likely found the building as a result of its inclusion in a list posted on its sister site Jalopnik in April 2010.

We’ve often wondered what it would’ve been like to take a stroll through the front door of this magnificent structure. Thankfully, we just discovered this fly-through of a rendering of the 1909 building for use in Minecraft courtesy of The Sucky Gamers on YouTube. It’ll at least give you an idea of the space…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8IlfvIgCkg?w=625]

The list has been picked up by both AL.com (complete with a survey seeing how many knew of the building’s existence) and the Birmingham Business Journal today, leading to many comments about its demise. The proposed Social Security building ended up being placed just north of the central business district – and once again serves as the source of much serious conversations related to the future of the city of Birmingham (as evidenced in today’s Dear Birmingham post).

Photo: Courtesy of Birmingham Public Library archives.

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