Beer and “The Princess Bride” on one night

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Good People pintAs we mentioned earlier today, there are a lot of powerful events going on this evening in Birmingham. Well, we’ve got one going on ourselves – the relaunching of our Terminally Happy Hour series. It comes along with a couple of interesting wrinkles…

This evening we’ll be at Good People Brewing Company beginning at 5:30 p.m. It’s an opportunity to unplug from the digital world while connecting with a pretty cool community (though if you’re choosing to keep up with what’s happening at the Smart Party across town, we’d be willing to look the other way).

This evening will also be an opportunity to purchase pints of a limited edition, cask-conditioned porter the folks at Good People have been kind enough to make for the occasion. You could even be the first step in being one of the first web-based publications in the Southeast with its own beer… We’ll also talk about a survey we’re launching tomorrow morning.

We’re assuming by 7 p.m. folks will either be heading over to Railroad Park for the screening of The Princess Bride as part of its Sunset Cinema series (just in time for its 25th anniversary last month) or trying to figure out where to watch the vice presidential debate. There’s also the screening of Milk by Greater Birmingham Ministries as today’s also National Coming Out Day

See, we told you there were a lot of options.

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