Construction of new Walgreens on Clairmont progresses

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Walgreens under constructionConstruction of the new Walgreens location on Clairmont Avenue seems to be moving along smoothly – today’s sudden downpour notwithstanding.

The 13,000 square foot building looks like it’ll be ready to open late this year, its location the result of efforts to spare the historic fire station it now sits across the parking lot from that houses Bogue’s. As mentioned on this site last year, the agreement that served as the basis for the resulting project isn’t exactly being seen as binding anymore.

The drugstore chain’s practice in recent history of taking over former Borders locations and converting them into spaces similar to their flagship store in downtown Chicago might have one wondering if we’ll see any of those innovations in this new location, including the new “Well Experience Format” they’re beginning to roll out across the country.  They’ve also been looked to as a national chain attempting to tackle food desert issues, but its close proximity to a Piggly Wiggly would make that less important here.

The parent company has been busy too – naming a former McDonald’s CEO its new non-executive chairman and investing in European chain Alliance Boots, setting the stage for a full merger in as little as three years.

Incidentally, the Facebook group that was originally created to help lead to how this new Walgreens location was developed re-branded itself just this morning to focus on a new effort, to Save Birmingham’s Schools from their Board.

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