Pics or Artur’s party change didn’t happen? How about video?

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Artur DavisThere are some that might point to the July 10 appearance by former U.S. congressman and Alabama Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Artur Davis as the first major one since formally stating on his website that if he reentered political life it would be as a Republican (something that garnered a great deal of attention locally – like this account on Weld for Birmingham – and nationally – as in the L.A. Times and NPR – when it happened at the end of May) and endorsing the presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The Birmingham News‘ Mary Orndorff Troyon provided a detailed written account of his remarks to the Northern Virginia Tea Party at Grevey’s Restaurant and Bar (just outside the Beltway) earlier this week. The reason for the first sentence of this post ringing true is because of a recent tweet that made followers of The News’ Washington bureau reporter’s account aware of an opportunity to hear the words come directly from the mouth of the former rising star of the Democratic Party.

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The speech was split up into five separate YouTube videos (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) on an account maintained by smitty1e. The description says the videos feature voice-over work from “the World’s Youngest Blogger.”

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