The Blizzard: Nineteen years later

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If you lived in central Alabama in 1993, you more than likely know where you were during “the blizzard.” If you weren’t living here then and think they’re exaggerating when they talk about how crazy it was – they aren’t.

The idea of enjoying potentially record-breaking warmth nineteen years after experiencing the largest single snowfall in Birmingham’s history – 13″ in the city, about 2′ to the south of town – seems a bit surreal right about now.

We’re not really sure how crazy it actually was though, especially considering the fact that James Spann was still wearing his jacket in this classic video (though it is gone by the 4th segment – no suspenders though).

WBHM also has a retrospective on the storm available to read (& listen to), including an account of the now legendary performance by Garrison Keillor at the Alabama Theatre in front of a crowd of 500.

You can really get a sense of just how intense the storm was when you look at its impact along the entire eastern seaboard.

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