What happened with Roland S. Martin on Twitter last night?

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Roland S. Martin. Courtesy of his official website.Roland S. Martin definitely doesn’t like being called the N-word (or seeing/hearing anyone use it). For those not familiar with Martin, he’s a nationally syndicated columnist, commentator and analyst, working for news organizations including CNN and TV One.

Last night, the author of the new book, The First, had a heated discussion on Twitter with several members of Birmingham, AL’s online community after someone sent him a tweet using the N-word – one that has spilled over into parts of today’s stream.

There are several different opinions about how the debate should move forward (we’d even started working on an editorial), but this post written on Mo Better Truths probably sums up some of the opinions and feelings surrounding that conversation specifically (you’ll want to watch the videos included in the post) and the general situation as we prepare to enter 2011.

If you’ve got an opinion, we’d love to hear it.

Photo: Roland S. Martin. Courtesy of his official website.

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Poo Bear
Poo Bear

I don't like the word! Never have-never will! I remember hearing the word for the first time when I was in the 5th grade. Ironically, the year that my school was integrated, I remember going home and asking my daddy what the word means. I had never heard the word before. My daddy asked me where had I heard it and I told him that I heard it at school. He then told me the meaning of the word or how the word is used. He said that the word is often used to signify that someone is dirty. It could be referring to someone who is White, Black, Hispanic or any nationality--not just one in particular.