Austin shares Parking in Front Yard Ordinance online

01.14.2010 by André Natta · → 1 Comment

Johnathan F. AustinOne of the more active people on Twitter in recent days in Birmingham, AL is City Councilor Johnathan Austin. He’s recently started live-tweeting portions of the weekly City Council meetings and has given those following his account a chance to get to hear a little more about upcoming projects than folks have been able to in the past.

That would include a tweet late yesterday that included a link to the proposed “front yard parking ordinance” that is scheduled to go before the council for a vote in the near future.

Check it out and share your thoughts down below. They are after all still looking for public input…

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Since this proposed ordinance is to stop people from parking in their actual yard (not on the street or in any other designated location such as a driveway or carport), I am 100% for it.I cannot stand to see cars pulled right up to the front door because someone was too lazy to walk the extra 30 feet from the street or their driveway. It is also a huge inconvenience for pedestrians when the cars are parked blocking the sidewalk.I've always hated the way it looks; it really brings down the curb appeal of an entire neighborhood.Although I am typically not a fan of government controlling personal property, since someone doing either of these things has an affect on an entire neighborhood, I support it. Best of luck passing this ordinance, Mr. Austin.