Who’s running for City Council on August 25?

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New Birmingham, Alabama logoFolks had until yesterday to qualify for the August 25 municipal elections for Birmingham’s City Council and Board of Education. Runoffs if necessary would take place on October 6. That meant that I’ve spent most of today trying to find out how many of them have a web presence. The results follow below.

We start with the list of candidates running for City Council’s nine (9) representative seats. It starts after the jump.

BTW, no surprise, it’s a long one with 46 people qualifying by the deadline.

Candidates for Birmingham City Council

District 1

Betty Cannon Corona
Chris Cummings
Roderick “Coach” Jackson
Brandon McCray
Joel Montgomery
Lashunda Scales

District 2

Yawntreshia Coleman
Lawrence Conaway
Carol-Reynolds Duncan
Rolanda Hollis
Rodney Huntley
Kim Rafferty
Al Rutledge

District 3

Valerie A. Abbott
Howard J. Bayless, III
Wil Jones

District 4

Ondray D. Agee
Earnest J. Lumpkin, III
Maxine Herring Parker
Robert L. Walker, Jr.

District 5

Johnathan F. Austin
Demus Copeland
Brandon Davis
Shirley Gavin Floyd
Elias Hendricks
Charlie L. Williams, Jr.

District 6

Keith Aaron
Willis H. “Buddy” Hendrix
Carole C. Smitherman
Sheila Tyson
Sam “Wigg” Wiggins

District 7

Willie “Red Tape” Florence
Chiquita Lashun Holloway
Percy McGowan
Jay Roberson
Angela M. Wells
Ernestine Guest Williams
Walter “Big Walt” Wilson

District 8

Steven W. Hoyt
Gerri Robinson

District 9

Leroy Bandy
William Barnes
Roderick Royal
David “Mississippi Town” Russell
Marcia B. Starks
James E. Williams

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Lashunda Scales is still trying to run for City Council using Drug Money......lawd have mercy..........lol


How does a person find out which district they are in?


How does a person find out which district they are in?


Andre, I am running for district 2. My website is treshiacoleman2009.com. I can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Join my campaign fan page as well. We are revising the website so please excuse the blandness of it right now. Btw, I have zero felonies, never been arrested, no parking tickets, nada. Sorry to disappoint you Jeff.

Jeff Vreeland
Jeff Vreeland

I wonder if you added up all of the felony charges from the candidates if it would outnumber the candidates?


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