The mayor… in an Indy Car?

03.20.2009 by AndrĂ© Natta · → 2 Comments

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Imagine my surprise when the FedEx delivery guy comes in where I’m sitting in downtown Birmingham and asks if any of us saw the Indy Car speeding down 20th Street North yesterday morning with Mayor Larry Langford driving. None of us there had, but, after some digging around on Twitter, we found at least one photo floating around online (thanks @vulcansmuse & @rachelpinson). Plus, there’s also this video courtesy of Fox 6 available on their site this morning.

Turns out the mayor wasn’t behind the wheel, but enjoying the ride as he reminded folks about this weekend’s Indy Car test runs out at Barber. Others who were out at the Firestone store in Pelham had the same opportunity to ride in an Indy Car yesterday afternoon.

There were some folks though that wished that they had seen the mayor in person later in the day… in Southtown.

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