Blog Action Day 2008

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Today is Blog Action Day. It’s a day where bloggers from all backgrounds focus at least one of their posts on a specific topic – this year’s topic is poverty – that will aim to “raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web!” There are currently just under 12,000 blogs taken part in this (I’ve already written one post on my personal blog; David Griner’s posted as well) and we here at The Terminal wanted to make our readers aware of the day and of some of the organizations or initiatives that you could support in whatever way you can (today and every day). But instead…

We already have one Magic City Question today, but perhaps the idea of this post may generate some more discussion. Which organizations do you currently support that deal with the issue of poverty (on any level) and why? Is there anything else that we can be doing? if you know of other local bloggers that participated, share their links in the comments section as well.

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