A skate park update

09.24.2008 by André Natta · → 2 Comments

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For those of you who haven’t ventured through the comments and the site to learn more about the skate park situation, allow me to share what Peter Karvonen of Faith Skate Supply posted under the relating Magic City Question:

“We are talking with people in the mayor’s office right now and they are very open to the idea of a public skatepark. We have gotten as far as looking for proposed sites now. The city owns the property at sloss north of 1st Ave. North. They are talking with the right people now in hopes that a skatepark conjoined with sloss furnaces would be a great relationship.

I invision a concrete park there with metal skateable sculptures that would be made there at the furnaces steel works! Sounds amazing to me!”

Definitely sounds like something that would be uniquely Birmingham depending on where the proccess goes… and it will lend itself nicely to my editorial tomorrow morning.

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