Langford’s proposing paving streets downtown

09.18.2008 by André Natta · → 9 Comments

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Photo: Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford sitting between City Councilors William Bell and Valerie Abbott during this morning’s press conference at the Burger-Phillips building downtown. Bob Farley/f8Photo.

We figured that since some of you are going to watch the mayor’s remarks online this afternoon about the civic center expansion (read: 1 p.m.) that you may want to know about some of the remarks Larry Langford made this morning during the unveiling of the recently remodeled Burger-Phillips Building in Birmingham’s city center (photos are coming). The issue – street paving.While making remarks at the event, Langford said that he’d let Councilors Valerie Abbott & William Bell, both present at the press conference, know that he would be bringing a proposal to the council within the next two weeks to re-pave all of the streets downtown. He informed those in attendance that the estimated cost would be approximately $27 million.

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