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So, you want to be considered for a source for a story written in town? Or maybe you’re looking for a source… OK, I admit that this isn’t always the first question that pops into my mind first thing in the morning (and I’m assuming it doesn’t just pop into yours either). Thing is, even if it does, currently most of the options available for registering or seeking out “experts” or “sources” online (including helpareporter.com) are on national and not local or state based.

screenshot of SourceBarn.com

Well, now there’s a new site trying to provide the same service for folks here in Alabama. SourceBarn has been enjoying a soft launch, but we figured it was time to point a few folks over to the free site set up by former Fox 6 reporter Atticus Rominger. Check it out and let us (and him) know what you think.

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