Can you Shut Down for a Day? Find out tomorrow

05.2.2008 by AndrĂ© Natta · → 2 Comments

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Speaking of computers, can you go an entire day without turning yours on? Well, we here at The Terminal are going to try to accomplish just that (with try being the operative word) …

Screenshot of Shutdown

Screenshot of

Tomorrow is Shutdown Day, where several thousand people are participating in a great experiment – whether or not they can go for the entire day without using their computer. We’ve become a little dependent on them in recent years (we know we wouldn’t exist if you didn’t depend on them for some things). We normally don’t post on Saturdays anyway but this time we just won’t be checking the site either. We’ll do our best to lock it down before midnight tonight – though we may program one post for tomorrow for those of you that just can’t resist…

But we were wondering, can you shut down and be completely connected for a day (and what would you do?) We’ve read about one guy that can’t, but maybe he’s got a good reason. Besides, we do have a fire breathing dragon to go check out…

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