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We did say yesterday that we’d have an announcement today on the site. We actually have two announcements to share with you. This first one is more of a confirming what those who attended our anniversary party already know. We want to make sure that you’re aware of three new initiatives that we intend to launch before the end of April (though we are aware that in one case, it may be delayed until mid-May). We think that you’ll be happy with all of these as it adds to the conversation.

Read more about the new series after the jump or just hang out and wait for the second announcement of the day (coming later this morning after 1 p.m.).

It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham – our profile series is one that we’ve already announced, but we figured that it never hurts to remind folks about it. We’ve got some folks in mind for the first few entries, but we’re hoping that you may have some more suggestions for us.

Terminal Talks – We’re going to see what happens when you take the lecture out of the lecture series and bring together folks familiar with issues with people interested in learning more (and sharing what they know). We’re sure that we really can’t explain it as well as we can demonstrate it, so keep your eyes out for the first installment of this series towards the end of April.

The Terminally Happy Hour – We figured that you’d want to hang out with some of us crazy folks that write on the site, so we’re invading The Bottletree in Avondale for a monthly meet-up beginning April 16. You get to give us feedback in person, we all get to have some fun (we may even get a drink named after the site). We’ll also see if we can’t team up with some other groups and see what can happen when we’re just sitting around, enjoying The Bottletree’s covered patio.

As I’ve said, we have one more announcement coming up this morning. Please bear with us as we make some last minute changes to the site to accommodate it.

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