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Fox News Candidate Matchmaker screenshotI’ve been on the fence when it comes to the 2008 presidential election. So far my only real opinion has been that the campaigning starts way too early. And I’m not alone. Recent polls by the Mobile Press-Register/University of South Alabama find 33 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of Republicans undecided.

So I was curious when Fox 6 tells me they have a handy-dandy “matchmaker” that will match me with my perfect candidate. With the Feb. 5 primary looming, decisions do need to be made. Though I still don’t think the Alabama results mean anything to the candidates. If it did, we’d see some commercials by now.

Ready to let a piece of computer code decide my bumper sticker, I find Fox 6’s political coverage (page deleted) and click on the Candidate Matchmaker link (this link is courtesy of another station that still has it active from 2008) on the right side of the page. Like I would find anything on the left there. First there are questions about individual rights including abortion and sexual orientation. Next are questions on domestic issues like Social Security and gun ownership followed by queries on the economy and my views on national defense.

In fairness, I did try to answer the questions honestly. I admit I was surprised by the results. I expected the Democratic leanings but I didn’t see myself as a John Edwards fan. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were tied for second. Which may be the story of the real campaign.

Just for fun, I took the quiz again. And again and again. The second time, I supported every position. That got me John McCain. The third time I took the quiz, I opposed every position. Wow, that put me way out there with Duncan Hunter, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. I haven’t even heard of Hunter who is a California Representative. I waited a couple of days to take the quiz a fourth time and I thought long and hard about my positions on the issues. So if I follow these extremely unscientific results, I’m voting for Hillary. Maybe I should I go with something a little more scientific and flip a coin.

Take the quiz and let us know if it was way off base or right on. And don’t forget to register to vote if you haven’t already. Deadline is January 25.

Image: Screenshot of Fox News’ Candidate Matchmaker.

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