The First 100: City of Birmingham launches new website

01.2.2008 by André Natta · → 3 Comments

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Screenshot of new City of Birmingham websiteThe first part of the overhaul of the City of Birmingham’s online presence started yesterday, when they unveiled their new website (and don’t forget to put the www in front of it when you put it in the browser). The empty space is actually filled with news from the city when you visit. We’d let you know what else it can do here, but then that wouldn’t give you a reason to check out the first post we wrote about it to learn more about some of the features, now would it?

With the unveiling of the city’s revamped site, a new plan to have wireless access in the city and possibly a in-chambers debut of Over C’s new single “Don’t Trash My Hood” geared towards encouraging area youth to do their part in the city’s efforts to be cleaner and safer, you’d think the first council meeting of 2008 should be fairly straightforward. Not necessarily

Screenshot of

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