The Terminal Staff Meeting, Java and Jams

12.28.2007 by André Natta · Comments Off on The Terminal Staff Meeting, Java and Jams

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So, you want to join this motley crew of writers? Cool, because we’re going to need a lot more folks like you in the coming year to keep this thing going…

We’re looking for anyone that has a true passion and love for Birmingham, Alabama, its metropolitan area and all that it has to offer. Our submissions section (recently edited – check for the changes) offers a little more information about what we’re looking for in each section – and know that we’re not just looking for writers either. Photographers, video folks, people that like to podcast – all are welcome.

Our first “staff” meeting of 2008 will focus largely on trying to get some folks plugged into what they want to write about, so long as it relates to our goal of being a hub for information and conversation in Birmingham. We’ve also got some story ideas for folks that want an assignment. We promise it won’t be too painful

We still can’t pay you yet, and we’re not going to be too picky, though if you could forward us a sample of your writing that would even be better.

So come on out to Java and Jams (321 20th Street North) buy some coffee and let’s figure out where this thing is going this year.

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