The First 100: The computers in question face challenges

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While much of the conversation surrounding Mayor Langford’s revitalization plan has been around the ways that he plans to raise the monies to accomplish his goals, another discussion has occurred surrounding the laptops that he would like to have in school system children’s hands when they return from the Christmas holiday.

Last night 60 Minutes re-broadcast this story about the XO Laptop, its creator and the issues surrounding the underlying goal. The rebroadcast has added to the attention given to the computer as they will only be made available to American households until the end of December, and only if you purchase a second computer for a child in a developing country.

You can also check out this NPR podcast from the November 29 edition of Talk of the Nation or the buzz surrounding accusations of patent infringement by the not-for-profit, though it means that the organization’s for profit competitors are benefiting.

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