Take a moment: Help Cooper Green get an MRI machine

11.30.2007 by André Natta · → Leave a comment

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Screenshot of winanmri.com

The emails have been floating around since yesterday and today’s Birmingham News even ran an article about it. Cooper Green Mercy Hospital does not currently have an MRI machine. Enter winanmri.com, and a chance for us to help them win one!

A video was made to tell folks why they need the machine. It’s now your job to go to the site, watch the video and then vote.

Given the late start on posting the video, Cooper Green is currently well behind other hospitals and need to catch up – so please watch the video (which is hilarious) and vote (and tell your friends!).

Unfortunately, you can vote once per day from your computer (but you’ve got until December 31 to make up for lost time).

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