One down, one to go for December 22 bowl game

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Legion Field‘s days may appear to be numbered, but The Old Gray Lady’s still got some life left in her yet. Among the games scheduled to be played in the next few weeks at the historic field is the 2nd annual Bowl on December 22nd.

Southern Miss Golden Eagles logoOver the weekend one of the opponents in the game was determined. The University of Southern Mississippi was invited and accepted the invitation to the game. The Golden Eagles will play a team from the Big East conference; the game will be televised on ESPN2 beginning at 12 p.m. local time.

Memphis fans breathed a sigh of relief as they while would have enjoyed an invitation, it would have been difficult for fans to decide between the game in Birmingham and a basketball match-up against Georgetown University on the same day (starting at 11 a.m.) as mentioned in this post onThe Memphis Edge.

We should be finding out Southern Miss’ opponent relatively soon; in the meantime tickets are already available through UAB’s website.

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