Travelogue: Andrews’ diagnosis used to combat Peterson reports? Maybe…

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Those of us in town now just how often Dr. James Andrews is sought out in terms of first and second (hell, even third) opinions about the status of several high profile athletes. For those not familiar with Dr. Andrews, he’s considered one of (if not THE) preeminent orthopedic surgeons in the country; his offices are currently on the campus of St. Vincent’s Hospital at the Alabama Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center on Birmingham’s Southside.

This is the first time that I can remember that he’s been quoted in a release by a major sports franchise to combat published reports.

The story comes to us from Vikings Now blog and involves Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson. Seems the release was done to combat reports that the Vikings are trying to bring Peterson back too early from what is being reported to be a “second-degree injury.”

Guess we’ll wait and see what happens. He’s probably shut down for the season.

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