The Express: October 26, 2007

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Parking lot at Kmart - 10.25.2007

The view outside of K-Mart yesterday morning about the same time that Wal-Mart was opening over in Eastwood Village. Photo credit: Christina Tutor

Birmingham’s longest running professional sports franchise will be “dormant” this year. The hope is for the team to return to action in 2009, when it could be competing with not one, but two traditional football teams for attention.

Steeldogs won’t field team for next season, The Birmingham News

Apparently Joel Montgomery didn’t show up for court… this after making comments in public that may have hinted that he wasn’t following court orders. Kyle Whitmire had some fun writing this one. We did just hear that his next court date will be December 7, and that he will be notified in person of the date by a police officer, so it should be fine…. it should.

News: Montgomery misses court, Birmingham Weekly’s Mixed Media

Catalyst was going to hold a mixer with the runoff candidates for mayor. Since Larry Langford won outright, the event’s been redesigned to be a meet and greet with the city’s new top executive.

Catalyst, Leading law firm team up to host “Meet & Greet” for mayor-elect Larry Langford, Catalyst

And we did goof; we had checked out a lead (our first – and only I might add) on The Rumble about the prospect of a brew pub moving into the old Jimmie Hale Mission building downtown. We were told that evening that deal looked like it was about to fall through. Now today’s Birmingham News reported that the deal is done and we’re soon going to have a great place to go. Thanks for the tip “Bobby” keep ’em coming and next time we’ll see what we can do.

Men on mission for brewpub, The Birmingham News

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