UPDATED Travelogue: Go to the Classic Parade, get ice cream?

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It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. The folks at Mayfield Ice Cream had spelt spell it out in this blog post on their website (currently cached by Google). They figured that since you can’t throw candy from the floats during the annual Magic City Classic parade, the next best thing would be to hand out free 4 oz. cups of vanilla ice cream.

The weird thing is that a current search of the company’s new blog shows no sign of this post existing. NOTE: Here is the link to the new version of the post, made at 3:43 p.m. local time on October 15. The post has also shown shows a lot of love to the Magic City Classic itself, scheduled to take place next week Saturday, October 27 at historic Legion Field between Alabama A&M and Alabama State.

For those not familiar with the Magic City Classic… well, you’ve just got to see it for yourselves, an experience that can’t be missed. Click here to view their offficial site and here to find out where you need to be standing if they do in fact go ahead with for the free ice cream plan.

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