It’s not a third-world country. It’s Talladega.

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The big story making the Internet rounds now implies that some folks up in Washington consider NASCAR fans a health risk. Congressional staffers sent to Talladega Superspeedway last weekend and again to Lowe’s Motor Speedway this weekend were encouraged to catch up on their vaccinations for hep A and B, flu, diphtheria and tetanus before the fact-finding trip. Seems the guys from the Homeland Security Commission where at the race to study mass gatherings. Well, they also toured some local health facilities and claim that is the reason for the shots but that doesn’t make for good jokes and controversy.

You may think this story is completely without merit but there are some health risks from being around NASCAR fans. For example, we suggest you find out who the person’s favorite driver is before you make an offhand comment about Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson. It could be consider fightin’ words. And never ever make fun of Dale Earnhardt or Litte E anywhere on the grounds of Talladega. Trust us.

There’s lots of places to read more about this, but we like this post on To be honest, we’ve got friends there.

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