Get out and support the Jena 6

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MyUrbanReport has details about the “Get on the Bus” rally in front of the Jena, LA courthouse being organized for September 20. Americans for Justice Network will be sponsoring buses from several cities, including one from Birmingham. It also provides some information about how you can support the effort even if you’re unable to attend.

Many across the country are watching the situation in Louisiana unfold carefully, waiting to see just what the outcome will be for the six African American students that were originally charged with second-degree attempted murder after a high school fight. For those unfamiliar with the case, check out these links:

One of Jena 6 accused found guilty in high school beating, KATC3, 7.1.2007
Jena 6, Wikipedia
Justice for the Jena 6,
The Jena 6, While Seated

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