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Artwalk Winddown

It’s been over for a couple of days now, but there’s still a great deal of buzz about this year’s Artwalk. Early reports have total artists sales double that from last year.

We wanted to hear what you thought about this year’s festival, so we sent out a street team (with our new t-shirts on of course), asked for your thoughts and brought these back to share with you.

“I’m usually in Artwalk, but this year I’ve been enjoying walking around and seeing it from a different perspective.”

– Melanie Colvin

“It’s great to come down to events here. I love to see people downtown. I’d like to see more diversity though.”

– Helen Rivas

“I was the first resident of Morris Avenue – the Pizitz warehouse in 1975 – so to see all this… it’s fantastic! What else can you say?”

– Sid Smyer

“Artwalk is such a vibrant expression of what Birmingham has to offer. We have a lot of friends across the country where all they’ve heard about Birmingham is the civil rights struggle. It’s nice to show the creativity and history of our city here. It fits well to have all the artists together in a community that fosters creativity.

– Lee Green, husband of Delayne Green, artist

“Artwalk is a great way to get out of people’s little box and get into the downtown area. I love the downtown merchants and the carnival food.”

– Kat Drennan


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