He’s still going, and going, and going

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Jeremy Harper has made it to #800,000 in his millioncount.com campaign. Harper recently received some more press from the folks over at Pleasant Morning Buzz on August 21 (when he reached 750,000).

As the numbers get larger, the focus shifts to what’s going to happen next. Apparently the guys involved here in Birmingham have already been thinking about it. A check of a current poll on the site shows a couple of things; a lot of folks are watching and just as many want to keep watching… something: [poll results follow the jump]

What would you like to see next from the producers of Millioncount?

  • Another person counting to one million – 115
  • Harper counting backwards back to one – 3054
  • Contestants racing to a million (living together) – 2106
  • Something else, but none of these ideas – 1227
  • Nothing, you guys are ridiculous – 986

Answers as of 2:25 p.m. local time, 8.27.2007 – Source: millioncount.com

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