We warned you; now you’re on your own

08.13.2007 by André Natta · → 6 Comments

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It’s no secret that more state toopers will be on local highways starting today through Friday so if you get a ticket, it’s your own fault. Everybody’s already tried to warn you:

Fox 6
ABC 33/40

The Alabama Department of Public Safety is calling the statewide blitz “Take Back Our Highways” and is putting ALL its man/woman power on the road, even the desk jockeys. In a press release, DPS Director Col. J. Christopher Murphy said the increase in Alabama traffic deaths – at their highest level since 1973 – prompted the initiative.

Of interest from The B’ham News Driver’s Side columnist Ginny McDonald: “Murphy said troopers will not be able to pull people over for using cell phones because the state doesn’t have a law banning drivers from using them. But, he said, troopers will be giving tickets for inattentive driving.” So you may want to keep from checking out The Terminal on your cell phone until you are safely parked. We understand. And if you don’t get the message to drive safe this week, more trooper blitzes are planned for later this year (like this one at Malfunction Junction earlier this summer).

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