Take a moment: Help Alabama receive books for low-income children

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What Book Got You HookedIf you visit the First Books site today before 12 a.m., you’ll give children from low income families in our state a chance to receive 50,000 books for the state of Alabama. The folks in charge of the Vulcan After Tunes MySpace profile here in Birmingham posted a bulletin encouraging people to visit the site and vote today.

From their bulletin:

If a child is not reading at the appropriate grade-level prior to entering third grade, chances are the child will not be engaged in future learning and will never catch up to his or her peers. In several states, second grade reading levels are used to predict future workforce readiness, higher education capacity, and prison capacity…

…Alabama is currently in 5th place. I know we can make it happen for Alabama.

Pass this along to all your friends and family and encourage them to vote. Remember – it only takes a minute.

We were in 5th place yesterday. Let’s see if we can pull this out.

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