AAFL one step closer to reality in Birmingham

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AFFL logoThe All American Football League (AAFL) is the latest attempt to create a 2nd professional football league here in the United States. Ironically their first tryouts, being held in Orlando through today, are taking place shortly after the dissolving of the NFL’s European league, providing an additional pool of athletes as they prepare for a spring 2008 opening. They are hoping that collegiate ties, including have a former NCAA President as it’s commissioner, will allow it to succeed where others have failed.

Legion Field is said to be one of the locations that has been secured for games, meaning that Birmingham is in line to get a team. The Capstone Report (music loop) is taking the wait and see approach about the success of the new venture, a position that seems to be shared by potential host universities, including Purdue as IndyStar.com reports.

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