Some more updates at The Terminal

05.21.2007 by André Natta · → Leave a comment

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Since we are in beta mode, we figured we’d try out a couple of things to see what you thought about them.

Late week we announced that we’d created a MySpace page. Keep an eye on that as well as the site for more information about the page. Or just go on over and say hello (or be our friend… it’s early; we’ll understand if you don’t want to be one yet )

We’ve also attempted to optimize the site for viewing on mobile devices. It should work on both cell phone and PDAs. It’s the same address (for now) as visiting the site online. So just in case you want to see what’s going on without sitting at the desk, you can.

We’ll keep you abreast of any other upgrades that we make to the site as we put them online.

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