Only water when you have to!

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That’s the word from the Birmingham Water Works as the region falls deeper and deeper into Stage 2 drought conditions.

According to a press release published on their website , here’s the deal:

Addresses ending in an even number (0,2,4,6,8) should water established lawns and landscaping on Monday and Thursday, and addresses ending in an odd number (1,3,5,7,9) should water on Tuesday and Friday. No watering is permitted on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday under Stage Two guidelines.

According to Mac Underwood, the water works’ general manager, if watering is not reduced and rain does not come while we’re in Stage Two, the next stage of of the drought plan will be implemented. Stage 3 calls for restrictions and surcharges.

“We want to avoid surcharges if possible, but we need to get our demand down and of course we need more rain to come. We don’t have any control over the rain, but customers can control their usage,” Underwood said.

And don’t worry about everybody else not doing their fair share. BWW officials are planning to send letters and communications to local municipalities, nurseries, green industry professionals and golf courses notifying them of the plan. Notices will also be sent to high-volume users and large businesses asking them to limit their use.

Let’s just hope we see some rain soon.

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