Ex-President Clinton talks to Dems tonight

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Bill Clinton imageIf people think the Friday evening commute along Highway 280 is already too long as they approach I-459, they may just want to leave a little earlier this afternoon. Former President Bill Clinton is giving the keynote address at this evening’s Jefferson-Jackson celebration of the Alabama Democratic Party at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center. According to the Associated Press, the party expects to net $250,000 for use in preparing for the 2008 election season.

The event is named for former Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson and is commonly used by local offices of the Democratic Party as the title of their annual fundraising event. Don’t try to get tickets; it’s already sold out. It may just be the excuse you need to find something to do that keeps you from venturing down the road for a little while this evening. If you really wanted to go, they’re saying that they’ll hold a similar event this fall. (Read: advanced warning of additional traffic problems).

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