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There are a lot of things that we want to do in the coming months as we approach five years of operation. We want to improve how we provide information to you and how you’re able to use the site. However, as altruistic as we may want to be, we realize that in order to do it we had to examine just what it would take monetarily. This is why we’re asking you to consider supporting us.

So just what will your voluntary contributions help us do?

  • It allows us to pay potential feature-length contributors to the site (even if only a nominal fee) so that they can produce the best possible product for you.
  • It allows us to improve on existing and purchase necessary equipment for the continued development of the site.
  • It will allow us to provide inexpensive advertising options to small businesses in the greater Birmingham area on the site.
  • It allows us to occasionally farm out technical assistance to complete those larger projects that we’re planning to implement.
  • It allows us to better market the site and make more people aware of our existence, expanding the conversation.
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