Social media demographics

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These are stats for the other ways that we connect with our readership and attempt to expand it.

Please let us know if you’ve got any additional questions about them:

RSS feeds

June 2008 February 2009 April 2010 July 2010
Newsstand (front page) 271 406 1,025 1,102
Timetable 26 46 45 40
Dear Birmingham 25 24 30 29


We currently have three main profiles on Twitter. We are in the process of reducing it down to one, focused primarily on the main page of the site. We currently have 183 more than 1,600 followers and we try our best to send out at least 5-6 messages a day.


The Terminal maintains a page and a group on Facebook. We have begun to use the page as the primary way to communicate with our 76 412 fans as we let them know about high traffic stories, upcoming events and the occasional random item. We have not abandoned our group though and it’s 40 members.


The Terminal maintains a Flickr Group that currently has 36 62 people contributing to it. The photos are shared on the site‘s Rumble section as well as in stories when necessary possible.

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