The Show #2, Matthew’s Bar & Grill

12.5.2007 by André Natta · Comments Off on The Show #2, Matthew’s Bar & Grill

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No, it’s not an error in our system (though we do have a few). Last week’s first major event for the newly formed Birmingham Art Collective, at one of Birmingham’s newest restaurants, Matthew’s Bar and Grill was so well received that they’ve sent us an email saying that they’re going to be doing an encore. We do not know any additional details about performances at this time.

We do know that it’s The Show, and it’s enjoying a return appearance.

The Collective includes many area artists, writers and musicians. You can download their poster or visit their Facebook group or MySpace profile to learn more information about them and their efforts.

Cost: $0 (though you’ll want to have cash ready for the bar)

Matthew’s Bar and Grill
2208 Morris Avenue (directions)

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