Where’s Ken Lass? (and other changes at CBS 42)

04.17.2013 by acnatta · 17 Comments

42changesUPDATE: Ken Lass is back on television, effective July 1, at Alabama’s 13.

Ken Lass, the popular Birmingham news anchor, is no longer with CBS 42, and according to the reactions still being posted on their fan page on Facebook,  there are many upset with the decision. He’d had been with the station since late 2009.

The station also recently released one of their morning show co-anchors, Brooke Smith Weaver. Weaver, known nationally for her appearance on the second season of The Bachelor and locally as one of the original hosts of Alabama’s 13′s Daytime Alabama, announced her departure via her Facebook profile back on March 29. She’d been with the station since 2011.

There will soon be at least one more departure from the station, though this one is voluntary (and it’s been known about in some circles since mid-March). Morning meteorologist Kalee Dionne will be leaving the station this month to join Kansas City, Missouri’s KSHB 41 Action News team. She’ll be the NBC affiliate’s weekend meteorologist.

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Today's MCQ

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  • W N Sheridan

    We had started watching 42 news exclusively because of Ken and the news crew. Where is he? The other ones who left are a big loss. I think you can kiss your big awards goodbye.

  • B mitchell

    This is a sad day for all WHO watched CBS 42.These 3 will be missed.

  • B mitchell

    This is a sad day for all WHO watched CBS 42.These 3 will be missed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/walter.laughlin.9 Walter Laughlin

    Big Mistake losing Ken Lass! I am switching to another station for my news

  • http://www.facebook.com/WALTERFJOHNSEYSR Walter Johnsey

    Well, I guess I will mark them off of my news rotation. If it was money why not let the station manager go? That position probably pays more than the two on air positions put together.

  • me

    i dont like the changes at CBS 42. probably will not watch . Fox 6 here i come

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005762910103 Robert Jackson

    Ken Lass knows Alabama and has credibility. Pam Huff, Brenda, Sherry, Linda, (Dave’s alright) just can’t get the job done. Hope he goes back to PBS and has a happy and productive life……….

  • CP

    I can understand Mark Prater leaving, your family should always be first in your life. I cannot understand the loss of Ken Lass. I looked forward to his reporting & am not happy with his replacement. I guess I will be changing the channel.

  • bob

    What a mess of a tv channel ! Count me out as a viewer

  • re bramlett

    i joined cbs 42 because of ken lass and mark prater , also liked kalee deion execs see fit to bring this butler and the weather guy in which we totaly dislike but we will go back to 13 they see fit to keep there old folks

  • Syble & Joe Brindley

    We miss Ken Lass a lot, and think you made a big mistake–have been watching your station’s news for a very long time. How do you make such decisions?

  • Missing Ken

    I do not like that Ken Lass is gone. I do not like the new people at all. Yes you will say that people do not like change but really? Ken Lass was an icon on the news and I watched 42 because of him. I like the other two as well. The new people are just all fake in there reporting. Sorry bu had to express it.

  • karenh

    Why all the changes at 42.? You had a great thing going.
    Did ken lass go to another station? Was he fired? What happenen to David Neal also?? Not crazy about the new weather man . I began with CH. 42 because of ken lass and thought mark pradder was the.best weather man on TV…
    So now for my news.. I switched too. Sorry CH.42..

  • Larry Robinson

    I hate that Ken Lass has been let go. I guess it doesnt matter what the viewers want.

  • Brenda B McDaniel

    I’m glad Ken Lass is coming back to 42! I left my fav. news channel and changed to ABC 33/40 because I could not watch Mark, Ken or Jim. I will be coming back now because you are bringing Ken back!!! By the way…where’s Dunaway?

    • http://dresramblings.com Andre Natta

      Actually, he’s on Alabama’s 13, effective this past Monday.

      • Brenda B McDaniel

        Thanks! How about Jim Dunaway?